About our school

The school is situated near the centre of Prostějov. The primary school was opened in September 1974. In school year 1980/81 experimental mathematics classes started, they later developed into classes with extended teaching of mathematics.

In 1992 the ‘Reálné gymnázium’ grammar school was founded by the town of Prostějov. It followed the tradition of the former secondary school in Prostějov. This secondary school formed one institution with an already existing primary school. The primary school has nine gradual forms, in each one there are two parallel classes. Nowadays, it is attended by about 500 pupils. The ‘Reálné gymnázium’ grammar school offers a six-year and a four-year study, one class per form.

In addition to ordinary classrooms, the school also has specialized classrooms: classroom of physics, chemistry, biology, geography, foreign languages, computers and IT, music and arts. Laboratory experiments take place in a chemical laboratory for sixteen students.

A new built multimedia classroom with 30 computers, each with an Internet access, enables teachers to use various ways of work. In the ‘Respirium’ room a great variety of lectures, courses, discussions and exhibitions take place.

The school library cooperates with the Town library of Prostějov. For lessons of practical skills there is a small kitchen and a workshop. Two gyms and a large school sports field also belong to the school and they are free to the public. It was reconstructed in 2004. There is a football pitch, athletic track with an artificial surface, grounds for basketball, beach volleyball and other ball games.

Our school canteen provides daily school meals for about one thousand students and pupils. There is an after school centre for pupils from the first grade of the primary school. There is also a wheel chair access to the whole building.


‘Reálné gymnázium’ grammar school offers:

  • Emphasis on science and IT
  • Classes in a new multimedia classroom
  • Optional classes according to the interests of students
  • Individual educational plans for talented students
  • Ski training and a summer sports course
  • Language trips, geography and science excursions
  • Short-term educational stays at the Institute of Physics AV ČR
  • Preparation for studies at all types of universities
  • Taking part in competitions
  • Communications with parents via the Internet and text messages, individual
  • information about marks and achievements

Primary school offers:

  • Modern and demanding classes, a friendly atmosphere
  • ‘Creative school’ programme for pupils from the first grade of primary school
  • Care to pupils with special educational needs
  • Help for pupils who have problems with speaking
  • Countryside stays for pupils from the first grade of the primary school
  • Ski training course for pupils of the 7th grade
  • High standard of care to pupils from the 9th grade to help them choose their future career
  • Language trips
  • A wide range of leisure time activities